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Indie Voice Blog: "Their blues vibe is universal, and should propel them onto the worldwide stage, as their music is desperately needed here in America. This is a band you would love to spend the night listening to, as their rocking blues sound envelopes you and gets you in the mood for just about anything. The vocals are second to none and reminiscent of the powerful chops of artists like Beth Hart and Tina Turner. You can't go wrong with this one, as every song is powerful and worthy of multiple listens."

Bluesnews: "You can easily get a quick thought of a tight band with great vibes, and especially with the female vocalist on the right side of Beth Hart in Heidi "Bluesmo" Blåsmo. A little rude and expressive vocal with a soul and rock power that also sends some of my thoughts back to 1983 and the Australian rock band The Divinyls. A very good lady behind the microphone here, thundering in with an incredible attitude and who you believe in directly!" 

Comments along their tours: 

«Rockblues, or rock with a little bit of blue. That's Reloaded!» Norwegian radio, NRK P1

«Great stuff! We are speechless!» Norwegian Radio, Bluestimen Metro Sør

«A very good woman behind the microphone here, and a tight great band.» Norwegian Bluesnews

«Heidi, a force of nature.» Sandnes Bluesklubb

«Super concert! Heidi is raw!» Stavanger Bluesklubb

«Wow! What a band, and what a vocalist!» Jærlyd

«Norwegian Heidi Kvalholm Blaasmo matches seriously Beth Hart!! If you get the opportunity, get to a concert as fast as possible and listen to Reloaded!!! Plain and simple...this band is almost too good to be true!» Jæren Bluesklubb

«We are NEVER gonna forget Heidi and Reloaded! This became a rare and beautiful blues club night.» Jæren Bluesklubb

«Speechless! What a woman, and what a band! Reloaded GOT IT, and then some!»

«Oh, awesome band, and awesome vocalist!! This was blues with real balls. Some of the best artists that have played at our blues club.»

«A super great concert and a fantastic voice on Heidi. It's Beth Hart and Dana Fuchs in one person.» Mandal Bluesklubb

«Seriously, go and find a Reloaded Concert somewhere! You will never regret it!!» Mandal Bluesklubb

«Lovely Heidi Blaasmo! Kongsberg Blues Club loves you. Thank you for an unforgettable evening!» Kongsberg Bluesklubb

«I have NEVER wept on a blues concert before, but Heidi Blaasmo and her band Reloaded managed to get, not only me but many of the audience to dry their tears over and over again at the concert today! WHAT AN ARTIST, and what an energy!!!» Skedsmo Bluesklubb

«What a fantastic concert! Her songs touch your heart, and she has a remarkable ability to communicate with the audience. We got completely swept away.» Skedsmo Bluesklubb

«A warm thanks! Tears, goosebumps, a fantastic experience! A memory for life, straight into your heart! Reloaded has received many new fans in Lillestrøm.» Skedsmo Bluesklubb

"Their blues vibe is universal, and should propel them onto the worldwide stage, as their music is desperately needed here in America." 

"More and more people are noticing Reloaded Norway, and soon the band might not have the time to play at Notodden Bluesfestival."

"The songs on the record bear the feel of the ambiance among the cotton fields, and the texts are burning hot by Heidi's rough childhood and challenging life."

Blues Music Club
Blues Music Club

"The Norwegian Album of the month", June 2018 in Blues Music Club.

"A very sympathetic and charming album that shows that there is also excellent blues rock in Norway."

"They say that some are born with Blues and Soul in their heart, and Heidi is most definitely one of them!"

"We are extremely proud to have booked this band!"

"We are following excitedly for further response abroad."

Newspaper Varden
Newspaper Varden

"Heidi is a raw singer, and on her way to get international star status!"

"The life is smiling, and the future shines bright for Heidi and Reloaded Norway!"

"Reloaded Norway seduced Mandal."

Newspaper TA - Telemarksavisa
Newspaper TA - Telemarksavisa

"Success! Even though life hasn't been anything like a bed of roses, it's possible to land on both feet. That is what Heidi sings about with her band Reloaded Norway. They have been doing great on the American Chart lists for a very long time now."

"Running in front and around the whole stage, a firecracker of a vocalist with some incredibly skilled musicians, made the evening unforgettable!"

"Gives it her all on stage!"