Vocals - Heidi "Bluesmo" Blåsmo

Heidi Kvalholm Blåsmo

started to sing before she could speak. Music has been there all her life. She is a composer, and vocalist, plays guitar, piano, the flute, and just about everything she touches turns into music. Heidi is from a large musical family in Trøndelag, Norway, and she started as a young piano student at the age of four years. As a 6-year-old, she started playing the flute, and when she turned 11, she inherited her grandmother's guitar. She played cornet in Brassband. She was also an assistant teacher in cornet and trumpet for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, despite that she never learned how to play with notes. As an adult, Heidi can play some instruments, but not particularly well. That's why she decided to become a singer instead. That doesn't come as a bomb. From blues and rock, but also has a softer side that draws her towards country, pop, and classical music. Known for her magical voice, Heidi has a reputation for "singing with all her soul". She has been well used to interpreting everything from Shirley Bassey to Freddie Mercury. Very often she is compared to artists like Mahalia Jackson, Tina Turner, Hanne Boel, and Beth Hart. She has been a gospel choir soloist, in several bands and big bands. She has also been a conductor and front person for several concert arrangements, of networks and a couple of regional choir projects, and been a conductor of a school choir. She was a soloist in Absolute Gospel's debut album "Lift Me Higher" 1998, and in the choir on Jenny Jensen's "Julete Jul" 2003. Some of the bands she has been in... The Wild Bunch (1988-90), Art of Confusion (1996 -2004), Pub Fiction, Absolute Gospel (1994-2011), Roots' N Boots (1999-2000), KORsprøtt, KORiBjerkvik, The Husband, Funky Mamas (1998-2010), Narvik Energy Big Band (1999-2009), LKAB Big Band, Helt Heidi, Heidi Blåsmo & Royal Rumble, Reloaded Norway (2012-), Bluestown Outlaws and Bluestown Voices (2019-). Heidi has entered the stage together with many famous artists in Norway. She has sung duets and performed with well-known artists such as Øyvind Blunck, Guri Schanke, Madrugada, Hellbillies, Lisa Stokke, Odd René Andersen, Øivind "Elg" Elgenes (Dance With a Stranger), Grethe Svendsen, Jørn Hoel, Tore Skoglund and Mossa ( known from Rorbua), Finn Arve Sørbøe (Ugler i Mosen - NRK Barne TV), Jenny Jenssen and many more. In the gospel community, she has had concerts with stores like Jessy Dixon, Elsa Harris, and Calvin Bridges. Band: Reloaded Norway (2012-) Mail: heidi@reloadednorway.no

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