The Band

Reloaded Norway was formed in 2013 and in 2014 signed its first recording contract for Nordic Records. That year they released their first album, «I'm Freakin' Reloaded».

The same year their debut album had a rotation on several radio stations in Norway and was the artist of the week at NRK Finnmark, NRK Nordland, and Norwegian Spotify. They were set to go on Tours all over Norway.

In 2017, the band signed a recording contract with Bluestown Records, and their second album «My Longest Mile» got formed.

«My Longest Mile» got released in February 2018, and after their release tour in Telemark and Vestlandet (NO), the band got a lot of attention. Once again, they got rotation on several radio stations in Norway, were the artist of the week in NRK Nordland, and got great reviews on radio and in newspapers all over Norway.

in June 2018, Reloaded Norway got promoted by a Dutch radio host that liked the band and said that this music needs to get a place out in the big world. Since that day, Reloaded Norway's music has been played several times on several radio channels worldwide. In countries who are playing Reloaded's music what we know of so far, is England, Scotland, USA, Canada, The Netherland, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Cyprus, Brazil, and in Norway.

Reloaded Norway was supposed to reprenst Norway in the European Blues Challenge in Zaandam in the Netherlands on the 17th-18th of April 2019. And then again in the European Blues Challenge in Chorzów in Polen 26th-30th of May 2020. Due to COVID-19 these two events got canceled.

For the European Blues Challenge on the 2-3-4 of June 2022 in Malmö, Sweden, Reloaded Norway was yet again chosen to represent Norway. They finally got to go, and had a BLAST!!!

Now, Reloaded Norway has complete focus on their 3rd album. When it will come out...? We just have to wait and see!

📷 Aaron Sebastian Blåsmo Frantzen

Charts all over the world

Reloaded Norway has been listed on Charts all over the world!

- They were the "Artist of The Week" in NRK P1 in the north of Norway in May 2018!

- They have been listed on TOP 20 Pennsylvania, and twice topped the list!

- They were listed on the TOP 40 on IBBA's list as the most-played album in England!

-They were listed on TOP 40 as the most played Blues album in Main, USA!

- They were listed on the TOP 50 Roots Music Report Chart as the most-played Blues Rock album WORLDWIDE!

- They were listed on the TOP 50 Roots Music Report Chart as the most-played Blues album WORLDWIDE!

- They got listed as - No 1 - on the TOP 50 Roots Music Report Chart as the most-played Blues Rock song WORLDWIDE with SATURDAY NIGHT DIVA! That very same week, SATURDAY NIGHT DIVA was listed as No 5 on the TOP 50 Blues Song Chart.

- In November 2019, Blues Norway and the European Blues Union members from Norway voted for Reloaded Norway to represent Norway in the yearly European Blues Challenge. (Wow, that was a lot of Norway! :D ) So on the 17th and the 18th of April 2020, they will be on stage in Zaantheater in Zaandam, Netherlands.

- For 18 months, Reloaded Norway stayed on the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT LIST from the top 20 and up. No other bands from Norway have done that before!

«With a lot of faith, and a tiny dash of magic....anything is possible!»

- Heidi B.

The Band:

        Singer/Songwriter: Heidi "Bluesmo" Blåsmo
                              Guitar: Hans Trasti Isaksen
                              Guitar: Tore Præsteng Thuen
Hammond & Keyboard: Jarle "Charlie" Børresen
                                 Bass: Tony Caddle
        Drums/Percussion: Håkon Kruge